WMF 1100 S

Den lille nye “bean to cup” professionelle WMF kaffemaskine, proppet med de nyeste features. Gode animerede guides til den daglige rengøring, og udskiftning af tankfiltre m.m.

WMF 1100S kan færdigbrygge espresso og café creme, cappuccino, café Latte, Latte macchiato, espresso macchiato og kakao med frisk mælk. Hver kop er brygget med nymalet hele kaffebønner

Den fuldautomatiske bryggeprocedure er styret af computerteknologi. Bryggesystemet i WMF 1100S lever op til den tekniske fremstilling af original espresso kaffe. Præcis timing sikrer den korrekte mængde bønner fra kaffekværnen for hvert bryg. Den blide og langsomme maling af bønnerne som opvarmer bønnerne minimalt sikrer at kaffen bevarer sine smagsstoffer og aroma. Desuden er der i kompressionskammeret installeret en speciel designet tryksensor, der konstant sikrer det korrekte vand- og kaffetryk.

Simple rengøringskoncept for frisk mælk system model.
Click & Clean.
Udklappelig kop bord (til f.eks espressokop) er integreret i grumscontaineren.
SteamJet til forvarmning af kop.
Mulighed for montering af fast vandinstallation.

Specifikationer / features (UK)

With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive design of the 7” colour touch display is easy to navigate, and you can customise the colour scheme and button layout to your specific requirements.

Available with the following milk and steam systems:

Recommended for an average daily requirement of* 80 cups
Nominal power rating / mains power connection 2.3 kW / 230 V
Output per hour according to DIN 18873-2
Espresso / 2 espressi
Café crème / 2 café crèmes
105 / 150 cups
75 / 90 cups
105 cups
Hot milk / hot foam beverages
Total hot water output / houre 90 cups
Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2 0.76 kWh
Coffee bean hoppers Approx. 550 g
Choc or topping hopper (optional) Approx. 450 g
External dimensions (width / height / depth) 325 / 500 / 561 mm
Water supply Water tank / Fixed water supply
Empty weight (depending on the model) Approx. 25.5 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)** <70 dB(A)

* Output is determined using a machine with constant water supply and is dependent on cup size, quality settings, spout, model and nominal power rating. The recommended maximum daily capacity is based on our catalogued service concept. However, these average values serve merely as a guideline. Let our trained WMF team match the ideal coffee machine design to your specific needs.

** The A-rated sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) at operating personnel work stations is under 70 dB(A) in any operating mode. Above 5° dKH (carbonate hardness), a WMF water filter must be fitted.

The WMF 1100 S is equipped with up to two specially decoupled coffee grinders, allowing you to offer two types of coffee bean while ensuring low-noise operation. This is a critical advantage when using the fully automated coffee machine in offices or conference rooms.

A separate spout for dispensing hot water at a standard temperature of around 95°C makes it easy to prepare tea and other infusions at a touch, allowing you to add further options to your beverage menu.

To offer you a high level of customisation, either or both bean hoppers can be replaced with an expanded 1100 g bean hopper, a 2200 g powder hopper, or a 1250 g twin topping hopper, allowing you to offer a combination of chocolate powder and another topping, such as milk powder. This is an option you’ll find on hardly any other machine in this class.

The user-friendly Click+Clean function makes the milk system easy to clean, reducing the need for manual cleaning of the milk foamer to once a week. Animated step-by-step instructions on the display guide the user through the cleaning process.

By collecting, analysing and processing data from your machine or sending information to your machine, WMF CoffeeConnect gives you the power to optimise processes, reduce service costs, and increase turnover.

WMF accessory equipment is designed to optimise beverage quality and reduce the daily workload in both served and self-service venues. Options include attractive cup warming racks, milk coolers and mobile coffee stations.